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What We Do

NSJ Audio

Established with a wealth of experience of some over 25 years in the car audio, security and car modification industry.

NSJ Audio was set up to bring Both design concepts along with state of the art equipment to represent good value and longeilety with a service second to none!

We have many demonstrators and much media and magazine coverage. This has made us strive for excellence you the customer deserve.

Our aim is to offer state of the art affordable products in the following fields:

Multimedia (terrestrial TV, DVD, games console)
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Navigation (step by step route guidance)

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Head Units (CD, cassette, mp3, DAB)

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Amplification (Purer Quality or 000MPH)

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Subwoofer plus speakers (for sound quality or the beat on the move)
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Window tinting (keep crying eyes out with added fratution)
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Car phone kits (a legal requirement enabling easy use of telecommunication on the move)
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Body styling (for the individual look customize just the way you like it)
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Alloy wheels (every car deserves designer boots)
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Security (Tracking and alarm systems )

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Scuff Plus (The paint repair system while-u-wait & showroom shine)
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Head Units :: Navigation :: Multimedia :: Amplification :: The Woofer :: Interior Components ::





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Address: 65 Sheen Lane,
Sheen London, SW14 8AD

Tel: 0870 010 2800
Fax: 020 8878 9664
Email: enquiries@nsjaudio.net
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