Head units / Source - these can take the poise of a radio cassette / MD / CD player and are mainly of a Din Size nature. Many units will multifunction with the availability of DAB (digital radio) or to play MP3 computer files making use of limited space and taking in-car audio to another level. Many manufacturers offer various products but choosing your seunee should not be taken lightly as this is what will give you flexibility and the functions to reproduce the sound you are looking for.

Wood Stock DAB
Clarion MP3
Daewoo MP3
San Francisco System Bench
Micro drive - MP3 storage

Navigation - Taking you from A to B quickly and safely. With the growth of GPS Technology (global positioning system) Navigation makes it easy to yet to your destination without the journey agreements. It is also safer than trying to read a map while on the move.
Navigation units are available in different forms: the radio Arrow Uaiced Style or the screen multi-tasked types. The main difference in this category is easy of use and tasking the unit. IE TV or DVD screens.

DJCR S2 Blaupunkt
NVS 613 Clarion
Wide Vision Blaupunkt
VRX 928RVD Clarion

Multimedia - The entertainment on the move. Whatever it be TV, games console, DVD. Bringing sound and vision to the vehicle allaparts keeping them entertained whilst on the move. Various items are available.

Amplification - (Amplifiers) these come in various sizes, power and quality bringing out the best of your audio to suit your audio at Volumes to suit your listening taste. With the invention of Digital D Class Amplification and T class (Tripath technology) this has dramatically changed the Amplifier not only in size but also in power. The Amplifier World is last with various designs, power availability, power consumption and flexibility to consider before making a purchase.

Burning Desire - Ultimate Digital Machine
Vieta 2250 + 4120 - Quality to die for
Brax - A class premium piece
TS Amps - Tuperware Amp
Kicker - The one with front
Vieta + Helix - The flat one

The Woofer - This is the culprit for low down nates that causes the brain to shake and a nervous disposition when it is turned up.
Again like amplifiers there are various guises available with different power, sizes, and build qualities to choose from, but an essential part of any audio system enhancing even the factory system into something enjoyable on the move.

Alamupro M 16
Velocity Vieta
Aluminium cones
Star sound cast chases

Interior components are very important part of any system to get the vocals onel clarity of instruments in the playback of recorded material. All can be designed to your taste.

Brex - ultimate sound quality

Window tinting -

A task tried by many but mastered only by few: The window tint industry has it self moved in leaps and bounds offering protection from pining eyes, also to stop interior fuele from the UV rays due to our climate change this will reduce interior heat levels in your vehicle making it a much more friendly envoirment. This is all professionally done at our premises without gaps or bubbles giving your vehicle that classic expensive look.

Armour glass - this is an interior coating giving additional security making the glass in-penitreble and keeps the vehicle interior safe from theft this is available for most vehicles enquires welcome

Tinted & Non Tinted

Car Kits - Now a legal requirement a professionally installed car kit can make mobile communication safe and much more comfortable to use whilst on the move We do a range of custom products to suit most kits this avoids ugly drill holes in your prestigious vehicle please enquire

Body styling - whatever it be a preformed or hand made kit we can perform subtle or outrageous modifications to make your vehicle that one of a kind

VW Golf doors

All mouldings are done in house making the transformation not only speedy but to the standard that is unserpassed by any other.

Alloy Wheels - Whether it be car specific or custom it can find and fit a set of wheels for your ride ensuring the correct fitment and offset to ensure safety is acteared right through

BM BBs 18'
Saab 17' modification where needed

Security -

After purchasing your pride and joy the most important first call is to have it secured so that you can keep hold of it. This will come in various levels.

1. Alarms - this is strictly a detrenent as most cars are broken into for interior valuables. It will alert the public of an intruder. Most alarms come with an immobiliser and this may be an addition to your car existing but this will make it harder to be stolen. Additional options are available such as window closure tilt or tow alloy sensors. Enquire stunt and various pager systems. This should be designed to suit your needs.

2. Tracking - this will assist in your cars location and recovery using GPS (Global Positioning System). A unit hidden in the vehicle will not only alert a monitor that the vehicle has been stolen but will also tell them where it is.

3. Armour Guard - window tinting

4. Swiff Plus - The paint repair system. While you wait (and this is not your dodgy touch up pen!) This is a paint system which meets manufacturers standards with computer paint matches to get exact paint reproduction this saves getting complete painted so resulting in reduced cost and over painting (our spray)

5. The Refinish - this machine can finish your vehicle this rebuffs your existing paint work giving the vehicle a slow roof slightly smooth finish and lasting shine also getting rid of old polish stains and most locker scratches enhancing vehicle appearance.